Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dropped by for the WHITE DEATH

Walked through my newly created path to my grandma's today and go there just in time for a visit from my aunt Tammy. I guess they had a date set to sit and have some drinks... and I stumbled upon this and was caught in the middle. I decided that, since I hadn't had a White Russian in a while, I would go home and get the ingredients. Got back just in time for Tammy to meet me there and we started the party (all of 2 drinks). 

Shortly after someone brought up the idea of having White Castle for dinner. Before anyone could suggest anything else, Grandma whipped out a gift card, Tammy made a list and we were off. I rode with Tammy to good ol' W.H. and we brought it home to indulge. 

Tammy wanted proof for a coworker... so I had to take a few. 
I'm set on white castle for another year or two now... 
good stuff tho... good stuff...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 Microcon

Went to the Microcon last sunday at the stat fair grounds with my cousin Jessica. Was just like any other Con, people dressed up, comic and toy venders everywhere. 

This is a Picture of Jessica with Jengo Fett and a clone trooper. There were all sorts of super heroes there but these were, in my opinion, the best outfits in terms of quality and realism. 

I did end up buying a few comics and a bunch of toys as well. 

A decent contribution to my already started "Boba Fett Shelf". 

I also found an artist who's blog I've been following. His name is Grant Gould and he draws for the Star Wars the Clone Wars online comic. I asked if he would do a character sketch for me but instead of doing it on paper I gave him a Mini Munny to doodle on. He said he'd rather doodle on it after the con and send it to me. So I emailed him and am waiting for a reply. 

Other than that, not too much going on really. I read Superman: Red Son, a comic that I picked up for dan at the con. Kind of a Superman in Russia scenario, with a Russian Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Pretty awesome. 

If you're a fan of Superman, check it out... but if you're a fan of Batman, like me, you REALLY HAVE TO READ IT...  yay batman. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

busted ass elbow

I finally went and bought a softball glove and some balls today... I guess Michael, James and I decided we're going to try to get together a boy/girl softball team... (michael and james are my neighbors) SO we've been throwing the ball around the last couple days and POW... there goes my elbow. I have NO idea what happened or why this happened... just regular throwing the ball and BOOM, no more elbow. I take some pain pills and it goes away until the next day when we start throwing again... the obvious method would be to not play softball.... but where's the fun in that? 

So I'm open for suggestions from anyone who reads this... shoot me an email or leave a comment... I WOULD like to know who actually reads my blog anyway...

elbow wrapped with ice

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Operation FENCE

we started with a fence...

Transformed into a gate...

and now... 

a path...

Today Gretchen, Jessica and I RETURNED to the fence site and decided that dirt isn't good enough. We (Gretchen and I) got out to Home Depot at 9am and purchased a sh*t ton of "patio pavers", class 5 sand, regular sand and rented a truck to get it all back to my grandmas were the fence was turned into a gate over night. 

A WHOLE FRICKEN DAY later, along with a couple trips back to the store and changing the pattern about seven times, we had our path. We ended up using one of my pattern ideas, ultimately because I am the one using the fence/gate/path the most and I have to see it and live with it... plus it was the overall favorite of everyone. It's really quite impressive... MOST impressive in fact... Especially for me since I have NO background of this kind. Gretchen pretty much knew what she was doing and Jessica was there helping every step of the way. 

I'm actually pretty proud of myself for following through with this plan that started with a wire cutter and a saw to the fence. 

+1 Gretchen
+1 Jessica
+1 Grandma (for supervising and taking us out to lunch... I got her back tho by taking her, Jessica and Gretchen out to dinner)...

+1 Red Lobster


Yet another Trip to Bingo tonight... unpromising...


It was a cover-all. $750 pot. I WON... but had to split with 2 other people. Still $250... pff, still?... that's a SH*T load for someone with no job... YAY ME and YAY BINGO!

... I should stop while I'm ahead ...


Monday, April 20, 2009

Fence Erected!

Got down and dirty yesterday morning and finished the gate in my grandma's backyard. 
A little background: 
My grandma lives on the other side of the block I live on. She has a fence going around her yard that I would always jump over to get into my neighbors backyard. I would do this whenever I wanted to go over there or go to my house when I was at my grandma's during daycare. There has always been one spot where the thicket was always a little less thick and that was the point of penetration (giggles) between the two yards. 

We straight up annihilated the blank spot in the fence that my family has been jumping for generations. By "we" I mean my cousin Jessica and I, with a little help from my cousin Denny's boyfriend, John.

I didn't take a before picture of the fence but this is what it somewhat looked like... 

just a plain spot of fence. Had to saw up the top bar and snip the fencing to create this masterpiece. 

My grandma already had the gate. it was originally the gate at the front of the house but it was removed a LONG while ago and has been sitting in the shed ever since. We had to purchase the two side posts and everything that attached to them. It's not perfect but it's a HELL of a lot better than I thought it was going to be. And we've only been talking about doing this for the last 10 or 15 years... so now that all the grandkids are just about grown, we have a gate.

In the picture of the finished product, on the LEFT post, the cap isn't all on the way. I fixed that with the help of my neighbor's Saws All and now both posts are identical. 

I don't mean to brag but... F*ckin Classy...

all that's left now is some sort of walkway so my shoes don't get muddy every time I go over there.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Movies

Here's a few movies I've seen recently that I should have seen a LONG time ago. Most are first time views but some are movies I have seen before. Check em out. 

Flatliners - very good. must see. 
Four Brothers - very good. check it out if you like marky mark
Sex Drive - decent. 
I Heart Huckabees - pretty good. 
The Life Aquatic with steve Zissou - I'm going to have to purchase this one. It's AMAZING. 
Darjeeling Limited - another must purchase for me. 
Get smart - funny if you like Steve Carell.
Eagle Eye - pretty good. definitely see it. 
Conan the Barbarian - Very cool. Must see. Loved it. 
Conan the Destroyer - Not good. very lame in comparison to the first. 
Tron - OMFG! must see.... A-f*cking-MAZING!!!
Star Trek: Generations - MUST SEE for star trek fans.
Star Trek: First Contact - MUST SEE for star trek fans.
Star Trek: Nemesis - MUST SEE for star trek fans. 
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: season 1 volume 1 - Loved it. must see for star wars fans. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen, gretchen gretchen. Gretchen gretch gretchen gretchen gretchen. Gretchen gretchengretchen gretchen gretchen, gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen. 
Gretch gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen, gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen. 
Gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen... gretchen gretchen gretchen gretchen. 

she was feeling left out of my blog

Saturday, April 11, 2009

anything new...

Quite a few things have been going on since my last post, where should I start?...

My grandma, cousin Jessica, cousin Denny and her boyfriend John all went to play bingo with me last monday night. No bingos be we come close just about every round. 

Thursday night Michael, Dan and I went out to my grandparents house to trap shoot. Fun stuff. When we got out there we found out that my cousin kyle was already shooting with my grandpa, so we leisurely joined in. After that, the three of us headed to Potbelly in Maple grove for some meatball sandwiches. WOW they were good...

Yesterday, Friday, I hung out at my aunt and uncle's house (Janice and Tom) and I painted easter eggs with Chevis, Dan and Daniel. Had a blast. Later that night we met back there and went out to a new Sushi joint we heard of called Zake ( They have an all-you-can-eat sushi deal for $25 so we had to try it out, and I must say, it will be a while before I go back to Ichiban's. This place had what seemed like a WAY better deal. Ichiban has an all-you-can-eat sushi bar for $30 but you can only be there for an hour. It's cool having the little boats float around and stuff but it still gets a bit old. Zake had unlimited appetizers, sushi, and rolls. Here's an example of some of the items they had: 
 - pot stickers
 - shrimp tempura 
 - fried calamari
 - fried spring rolls
 - salmon
 - tuna
 - peppered tuna
 - red snapper
 - eel
 - octopus
 - yellow tail (I think)
 - shrimp
 - shrimp crunch roll (favorite)
 - california roll
 - shrimp avocado roll
 - zake special roll (other favorite)
 - spicy tuna roll
 - spicy salmon roll (I think)

And those were only the things that we ordered. There were more than I could remember. We all left feeling like we were going to explode. It was awesome. Definitely a MUST GO for sushi lovers. I hear Zake gets a TON of business during their lunch happy hour specials. Check em' out. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fast and Furious

The first one was better and is still the best. This one was probably second best. But you either like these movies or you don't, I find them somewhat fun to watch.