Monday, December 27, 2010

Gulliver's Travels

Ehh... It was funny.... for the most part. But lots of it SCREAMED little kid movie, although it had plenty of adult jokes in it.

Jack Black was good... kinda felt forced though. I like Jack Black, but I'm going to go with a pass... You don't need to see this movie... at all... You could rent it if you are like me and love watching movies of all kinds. I'm glad I saw it, and might want to see it again... but not any time soon.

2/5 stars from me...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vikings Game

WE WENT TO THE VIKINGS GAME! Gretchen was going to go, but didn't. Tom was going to come, but couldn't (snow). But we still made it out... and just for the game, I made this little number...
With Gretchen's supervision of course, but I did all of the sewing myself. Turned out nice.

The trip to the game started off with the voyage to Chevis and Dan's neighborhood. I ended up just meeting them at Dan's school. We probably took off from there about 3:15 or 3:30 and we didn't get to the park and ride until after 6pm... I think... It was crazy. Traffic was SO SLOW!

But we made it. And we sat outside in the cold to cheer on the vikings... and dan, his sister and her boyfriend cheered the bears.... :/

This was our posse. from left to right, not including me... there's Dan, Brian (Ana's Boyfriend), Ana (Dan's sister), and Chevis.

This was the first time I had met Brian... REALLY cool guy. He's a pilot and we asked him a ton of questions about flying and protocol and why we can't use cell phones on planes... it was great.

Here is the controversial football team couple. Dan, Ana and Brian all cheered the bears while Chevis and I rooted for the Vikings. There were even rowdy, drunk vikings fans that were giving Dan crap about the bears... but he's the best sport about it and he wasn't afraid to give it back as soon as the scores tipped in his favor... and then fell off the board in his favor... maybe next year... :(

Anyway, it was amazing. BEST Vikings game I've ever been to... Only Vikings game I've ever been to... But still great, even though we lost. I couldn't have had a better group of people to go to my first game with. If only Gretchen would have been there, then it would have been complete. But regardless, it was still amazing.

When the Vikings got a touchdown, people threw snow in the air... so awesome

A guy ran onto the field and then was escorted off by the POlice.

and Chevis was getting her groove on... it was good.

I think this may be a yearly thing from now on... Vikings vs Bears home games... we'll be there!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tron Legacy

Last night, at midnight, I saw TRON Legacy with Zac, Ashley and my friend/coworker Dan. We all loved it. SO AWESOME! We ended up going to the IMAX at Rosedale and we saw it in 3D, but not before we watched the original TRON at Dan's house... also amazing.

Dan had never seen the original TRON before and I think all of the talking that we did, his roommates and us, kinda brought down the experience. But he still liked it.

It was really fun and anyone who was a TRON fan should definitely see this, and in 3D if at all possible. It's worth the extra $3... I shelled out the extra $6 per ticket for IMAX 3D and the experience was one to remember.

TRON Legacy... See it...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two More Bots

These guys just Arrived. They are called Armstrongs.

Left to right (African Defense Armstrong, Lunar Camo Armstrong).

Bertie takes roll call on all the newcomers.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Very fun to watch. I saw it with Paul and Britney. Paul really liked it. He read the books. I thought it wasn't bad but it's not my favorite thing... Seemed pretty preachy with the whole, "everything is related to christianity" thing...

Still, entertaining enough.

Didn't see it in FAKE 3D...

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Member to the Family

His name is Desert Rat Bertie.
He's HUGE!
A SOLID 13 inches... not including the stand.

And he came Locked and Loaded.

Left to right (Badbot Popbot, Desert Rat Bertie, Snowballer Dropcloth).
Good stuff.



Was actually pretty awesome. It was a LOT better than I originally expected. Disney really did a good job with this Computer Generated (CG) movie. Gretchen and I saw it in Disney Digital 3D and it only enhanced the experience.

The plot was CLASSIC Disney, princess, hero and all. I am still surprised how they actually pulled it off, what with their track record of... ALL of their CG movies to date SUCKING. This one being the only exception. Keep in mind I'm not including Pixar movies or Disney live action films.

The animation was so fluid and right that it could easily have been made in 2D from the get go. Disney really did a fine job with this one and my hat goes off to them.

I highly recommend seeing it while it's still in 3D. It seems like 3D just pulls that little bit extra into the film, although it wasn't the GREATEST 3D, still better than usual.

P.S. - The movie kinda seemed like a foot fetish movie... The chick NEVER had shoes on... Just different.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've been doing a lot of that lately. It's nice. This week my boss is out of town so I've been going over to a co-workers house (Dan).

A bit about Dan:
This is Dan.

He can do THIS!


Thursday, November 18, 2010


This week I started my new job contracting for Inventiv Designs. I'm doing animations for video slot machines. They tell me that they won't get into actual machines for a couple years due to the process that they have to go through, so pretty much everything I'm working on is pretty "hush hush". There seems to be a lot of work to be done so hopefully I'll be able to stick with this for a while.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gretchen's Hair... again

Here's one that I bumped the levels on so you can actually SEE her hair.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Due Date

Very funny movie. Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakias make a good contrast in character styles in this comedy. The ending seemed a bit rushed to me but I'd still give this a solid 4/5.

Not as good as the Hangover but still worth seeing on the big screen.

Gretchen's Haircut and a New Baby

Sorry for the really dark shot, but here's one from the hospital where we were visiting Michael and Chelsey with their new born baby girl, Elleana.

Gretchen's Haircut

And here's the happy family.

Looks a lot like both parents in my opinion.

Friday, November 5, 2010


This is my lame attempt at contacting two of the only people who read my blog and let me know about it... The Pesos and the Hansons.

I am wondering if there will be any kind of GAME NIGHT while George and Natalie are in town? If anyone has any info or ideas, let me know. THANKS!

Here's a little goodie for anyone else who's reading this.
I made another iPhone wallpaper...

Nothing much, but a reiteration of my old winged yeti wallpaper. But I think it's stronger.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


The night before Halloween we went to Matt and Laura's house for their Halloween party. Played a little beer pong and some Rock Band. Good stuff. I am a bit out of practice for Rock Band but my beer pong skills were up there.

I ended up talking gretchen into being Princess Bubblegum from Adventure time, to match my Finn costume.

Kari and Zach were the Green Monkeys from an old game show called "Legend of the Hidden Temple" from Nickelodeon. Good stuff. We all made our costumes ourselves.

This is what we were shooting for.
Finn the Human and Jake the Dog up front. Princess Bubblegum in the back left with Lady Rainicorn. And the Ice King in the back right, He's what I based one of my pumpkins on this year.

And that ends the group shots, we only took one.
Here's more of my costume, I wanted to take a bunch, just in case.

It was AMAZING! My grandma helped me make it. She did a lot of the harder sewing parts.

I actually did the majority of the backpack. Pretty much a circle pillow with handles.

I got my shirt from the ghetto store near my house, 7 Mile, and I got my shorts from Fleet Farm. Michael was giving me hell about the shorts, saying that they were the kind that his grandpa wears.

I made a little "Jake the Dog" out of clay.

Sup Jake?


And here's my compilation shot that I sent to their website.

Tonight we got around 30 trick or treaters. About average. I ran up to Robot Love tonight for the Halloween party. Checked out the awesome prints and a really cool animation flash thing they had projected on the wall. Fun stuff.

ALSO today I went on a COLD ASS ride with Tom. 48.67 miles. We stopped at the breadsmith for a snack... SO GOOD.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins with the Pesos

Today I went over to Chevis' house to carve pumpkins with her and the kids. Had a blast. We played hide and seek. We played Mario. We ate cinnamon muffins and... oh yeah... we carved pumpkins.

Mario pumpkin

Luigi pumpkin

Smily nose pumpkin

Scary face pumpkin

All the pumpkins and the kids.

I'm sure Chevis will have much better pictures on her blog. The link is over on the side bar. --->

We had a blast. Will have to hang out again soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 Pumpkin Carving

This morning we went to breakfast at Key's with Tammy and Dean. By "we" I mean my dad and I. Tammy brought about six dozen chocolate chip cookies and an awesome pecan pie for my dad for his birthday last week.

Pretty sweet.

After that, I picked up Gretchen and we headed to my Grandpa and Grandma Reins' house for pumpkin carving.

This is my first pumpkin. A fat yeti. I carved it into the biggest pumpkin this year. I believe it was around 70 lbs.

My second was of the ice king, from Adventure Time.

It worked out pretty good i think.

Here's Gretchen's Haunted House Pumpkin.

Lori's Pumpkin she carved for Haley.

Kyle's iH pumpkin... something to do with a new tractor he got...

kate's Frankenstein's Monster pumpkin.

Kerri and Braxton's Viking pumpkin.

Kerri's Pumpkin eating another pumpkin.

Here's all of them together.

Braxton with all of the pumpkins.

We all had a great time. I can't wait till next year.

Waterpark and Poker

On Friday I went to the Water Park of America with Chevis, Dan, Daniel and Cedra. We had a blast. Went down the BIG slide with Daniel and Dan. After the first turn, Daniel asked if it was over yet and he didn't like it, but once it was over, he wanted to go again. It was awesome.

After the water park we went to Davanni's where I had some of the best deep dish pizza I've ever had... Chicago Style. But before we even got there, the kids where KNOCKED OUT.

On Saturday night I went to Chevis and Dan's again for a poker night with Dan and some of his work buddies. We played two games, $5 buy ins. I didn't win the first, but I won the second.

It was awesome.