Saturday, February 19, 2011

The last couple weeks... and Comic-Con

I know, it really sucks when all my posts are just, "this is what happened last week", but that's all I have time for these days.

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So what happened in the last few weeks... well, we had another epic poker night at Chevis and Dan's house. It was awesome, but it was the first time I didn't win at least one game, but I still had an amazing time.

I had a fun Valentines day with Gretchen. We ate at a little place called Mozza Mia. Pretty good pizzas but not a HUGE selection. I'd go there again but I don't know that I would have pizza again next time.

We went to our first Roller Derby a few weeks ago. It was awesome. It was the MN all star game pretty much... at least that's what I was lead to believe. But it was really cool. Pretty Violent too, not quite as crazy as in the movies but still... Gretchen and I met JJ, Mary and Mary's friend there. Good times.

My friend JJ and I finally got around to getting our plane tickets and room reservations for this years San Diego Comic Con.

The other night I got to meet Jalayna, Janaya and Brandon's new daughter. She's awesome! And what's even more awesome is that Janaya asked me to be the Godfather of Jalayna. I'm pumped. So awesome. A bunch of my family met up at a Red Lobster to have dinner and introduce the baby. Braxton (Janaya's 3 year old) and I downloaded some dirt bike and snowmobile apps and played those the whole time.

Tonight Gretchen and I are going to go get sushi with my friend/co-worker Dan. Looking forward to it.

OH, I also saw Gnomeo and Juliet... was better than the last Shrek movie.... Gretchen and I also saw The Fighter. It was pretty amazing. Really well done. I'd recommend it.

I'll try to keep things more up to date...