Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been working. A lot. Sorry for the lack of posing lately but at least next time you see me, you'll see a slightly richer version of me :)

I've been working Monday through Wednesday, 10:00am to 9:00pm... minus an hour for breaks.
I'll post some pictures of what I've been working on soon.

But until then, you'll have to bear with me as I am a working man now... :) :| :(

Sunday, February 21, 2010

guess what...


I've been picking up a few figures here and there. Mostly from a friend I met on and some people on ebay.

But now that I have a decent sized collection, I can back off a bit and just enjoy all these little eyes staring at me while I sit at the computer.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Just got back from the movie. Was a little funnier than I expected but it seemed like a remake of Love actually that wasn't as good.

"Valentine's Day" was slow to start, but got better when stuff started going down but for the most part I thought it was a bit predictable. There was an ensemble cast with many big name hitters. But, just because there was a bunch of well known actors and actresses, doesn't make it a good movie. I was expecting it to be a little bit better as a whole... It was funnier than I expected but not quite as good.

I'd have to give it a solid 3 out of five stars.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Star Wars Toys

I guess Hasbro is coming out with an AMAZING line of Star Wars Toys for 2010.

These Feature:

(Approximate Retail Value: $7.99; Ages: 4 & up)
In 2010, Hasbro is taking Star Wars fans back to “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” with 28 Star Wars 3.75 inch VINTAGE ACTION FIGURES. The selection includes all-time favorite characters from throughout the six-film Saga, such as LUKE SKYWALKER, 4-LOM, DENGAR and HAN SOLO. Each of the figures in this assortment will feature the exceptionally accurate design and superb articulation customary to Hasbro’s action figures, and they will be offered in packaging reminiscent to that of the original 1978-1984 Star Wars packaging!

Additionally fans are also encouraged to collect five of the marked figures in the new vintage lineup to send away for their very own “Rocket Firing” BOBA FETT action figure, identically styled after the 1980 mail-away figure.

(Approximate Retail Price: $34.99; Ages: 4 & up)
Show off your bounty hunting skills like Boba Fett, the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, with the Star Wars BOBA FETT HELMET. Impressively designed and styled, the Star Wars BOBA FETT HELMET allows children to pretend to be their favorite bounty hunter as featured in both the movieThe Empire Strikes Back and the new animated series The Clone Wars. The helmet also features electronic sounds and phrases and a light-up tracking scope!

Star Wars AT-AT
(Approximate Retail Value: $99.99; Ages: 5 & up)
In space, size
does matter, and Hasbro certainly kept that in mind when creating its all-new, highly detailed Star Wars AT-AT. The AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) played a significant role in the Empire’s military assault in The Empire Strikes Back, and it will play an equally important role in every fan’s toy collection this year! Measuring more than 24 inches tall, nearly 28 inches long, and 12 inches wide, this colossal vehicle holds up to 20 Star Wars figures — 6 of which can fit in its head alone! — and includes so many play and electronic features true to its on-screen counterpart that it’s hard to believe! From the zip-line in its body and articulated legs for superb poseability, to its LED lights and authentic movie sounds and phrases, this is the must-have addition for Star Wars fans of all ages. Includes a 3.75 inch AT-AT driver action figure and a pop-out speeder bike.

Additional Hasbro releases for 2010 include the following, with the first two items featured with photos in our earlier coverage here. Unless otherwise noted, these will all be available August 1:

I only Listed the ones that I'm interested in... and in the order of which I will most likely buy them... not sure if I'll get the huge AT-AT yet (although if it comes with 9 figures I might have to) but will probably get the a bunch of the vintage star wars figure remakes and the Boba Fett helmet... cause I'm cool like that.


You can find the rest of the 2010 star wars lineup HERE...

Thanks DEREK for telling me about this :p

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

(the book it was based on... loosely I hope, for the book's sake)

Just got out of this movie and I find I should post this as soon as possible.

That movie was HORRIBLE! I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology but this was damn near unbearable. It's like they made a children's movie with the budget of a "REAL" movie, but then didn't have the decency to tell you that in the trailer.... The trailer, by the way, oversold the shit out of the movie. So if you thought the trailer was bad, you wouldn't believe how bad this was.

The story had potential, probably because it came from a book, the acting was crap, the swordplay was crap, the CG wasn't TOO bad, but for the most part... C-R-A-P. Which I was kind of expecting, but my movie ship can't withstand bull crap of that magnitude.

It was literally like a cross between Hight School Musical and the worst Harry Potter movie. Having never seen High School Musical, I can only imagine how much it must have sucked.

Like I said, I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology, it's what got me to the theater, and to my knowledge, it wasn't TOO inaccurate. If you know anything about Greek Mythology you could probably call the shots in each scene... like I did.

Even the Gods, in this movie, were pretty lame. I kind of always thought of them as the Mythology makes them out to be, badasses who do what they want, when they want... And this made them out to be somewhat heartwarming... :(

Overall, don't see it unless you watch everything that has anything to do with Greek Mythology.

2 out of 5 stars on the Jared Scale.


First movie I've seen in a while... at least my version of a while. I didn't quite know what to expect from this one, having not seen the old Wolfman movies.

I saw it with my cousin Jessica and my grandma Connie. Had a good time. We went out to lunch and then saw Wolfman.

The movie was, I guess, better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be good but was still skeptical because I have had no knowledge of the subject matter other than different werewolf movies. I'm really glad that they didn't do the whole thing computer generated. I think that just about anything in movies needs to be done with a mixture of the two; Makeup department and Graphics Department. One of the main reasons I don't like the Newer Star Wars movies is because there wasn't a REAL clone trooper in the whole damn thing... ALL CG :(

But this movie was pretty good, and entertaining. Jessica, my grandma and I all liked it. I'm definitely a fan of the way the set the tone of the movie. It was composed of a somewhat grungy style, not unlike the Matrix with it's all green tint, or Gladiator with it's all yellow tint. I didn't feel this movie had any certain color tint, which is the way it should be. Otherwise you remember the movie being ALL GREEN (Matrix) or all yellow (Gladiator).

The movie really lived up to it's expectations. I wasn't let down by the graphics (too much) or the story and acting.

I'd say that it's a must see. For fans and people who just want to see a pretty good movie.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what... a... night...

First off I wake up at 8:30 in the AM and I get to work at 10 in the AM...

After working for 10 hours on one 30 minute break (my choice) I figure I'll leave a little early and try to make it to the comic shop before they close... so I leave...

Get out to my car, and it's not there...

Towed... I'm already on the phone with Gretchen so I tell her and she volunteers to come pick me up.... so she does, but not before stopping off at my house and getting some of my car papers and info. She picks me up and we're at the lot and in a LONG line by 9:20pm or so. Another hour goes by before I even get into the fish house like thing they have constructed outside the entrance of the building....

lots of time goes by and I don't even get to the desk before 12:30am.

I didn't get out of the lot until 1:15am.

And now that I'm home, I have just enough time... TO DO NOTHING!
cept watch heroes and go to bed...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

found this

I was going through some old files, trying to clean up my computer a bit.... and look what i found...

I may have more to come... we'll see.

dust off those 3d glasses

Still playing with my Star Wars toys.

whipped this up in about 3 minutes.... fun stuff... wouldn't mind perfecting it on a landscape though.

Just a reminder...

Just incase you forgot... Batman is the shit and Green Lantern is lame, in my opinion


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick art

Yesterday my friend Dan instant messaged me and said "give me something to draw, QUICK". Right off the bat I said superhero, then changed my mind to Robin... just Robin... sidekick...

Then I figured I'd do the same, so I asked him what to draw and he chose my least favorite super hero... Green Lantern.

and here's what came of both:

I did green lantern with yellow paint on him because, well, his weakness is the color yellow, and that's pretty lame...

Had I known dan was goign to go all out on his, I would have spent more time on mine probably.... but here's what the first round of Dan's looks like...

I post this only because he hasn't updated his blog in a while and his art needs to be shared with people.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Look what I got!

I met a new friend threw and he sold me some very awesome star wars figures at an amazing price.
left to right: Hoth Han, Obiwan, Ton Ton (ton ton rider is next to him), Luke, R2-D2, C-3PO, Emperor, BOBA FETT!!, Darth Vader, Luke, Han, Leia, Sand Person...

Also a Boba Fett Pez dispenser, a slave one and a speeder (both in crap condition so he gave them to me for free) and a Boba Fett Mighty Mug (Been looking for one of those for a while now).

The guy's name is Andrew, I met his really nice family and he showed me his star wars SHRINE. Super Cool. We talked star wars for over an hour I think, then we looked at some of his star wars books. We talked art and photography for a bit and then I begun my journey home.

If anyone is in need of anything star wars, this would be the guy to go to.

Thanks Andrew!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nightly Brigade

Night One: Dan's House.

Dan invited a few friends over for a night of video games and poker while Chevis was out of town. These friends included Pierre (Awesome French guy), guess what he teaches, Shawn (idk how he spells it), teacher of Chemistry, Tim, I think he teaches something too but I forget at the moment, and myself... a bunch of teachers and a nerd, makes for an amusing night.

We started off playing the Wii, mostly Guitar Hero with two guitars, drums and Microphone. Then we moved to Texas Hold 'em. Dan ended up winning but the game went on until 3am or so. Which is right around when everyone else left and Dan and I went to bed, FUTON FTW! I was notified by Dan the next morning that Daniel had woken him up at 5am. And the little guy wasn't feeling well. :( How he didn't wake up during all the games we played is beyond me.

After Breakfast we hung out for a bit before I had to rush off to get ready for work... That's right, I said it... WORK...

Someone's got a job! Which Brings me to Night two...


Night Two: Animation with a Vengeance.

The second night of my newly acquired job in animation using Adobe After Effects. I worked one 3 hour night before from 7 to 10 and we went out for drinks after, by we I mean my boss, Michael, and Lloyd (a coworker from my last animation job).

ANYWAY, today/night was my first stretch of work that really didn't have an end in sight for some while. We are working on some videos for a church. Videos they can show to their young followers before they get confirmed. The videos are pretty straight forward. 2D animation with pre drawn figures.

Today I got in at 3pm, and tonight I got out at 1:10am. An hour in there for Dinner and BAM, you're workin' a full shift on a sunday night. Too bad I missed the Pro Bowl. :(

For the next week my hours look like this:

We'll see what happens for the week after that, It all depends on whether we pull in a few more hands to get the job done... get it? HA HA... it! (Harvey Birdman FTW!)

The Company I'm working at, by the way, is owned by Michael. It's called Dizilu. If I play my cards right I'll be the first full time employee...

Here's a few pics of this small but growing office:

In this picture my back is to the corner, there's a small space heater next to my right leg. A window on the right, doorway on the left, three computers and some chairs. Home away from home.... although I must say, the only real downside to this whole thing is that I work on a PC... >:( but "boo hoo" poor me... I'll get over it.

This picture is from the other side of this space. again I'm in the corner but to my left is the point of entrance. Next to that, also on the left, is a small refrigerator and sink. All this place is missing is a couch for nap time!

well, it's 2am and I'm beat...

OOP! Almost forgot! Picking up the Gretch Monster from the airport tomorrow night. She's coming in from Arizona.

"To the Bat-mo-bed Robin!"