Friday, March 27, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens... an experience

Caught the early showing of Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D with the Gretch-monster today at 1:30pm. I figured since it was early there wouldn't be TOO many people but WOW was I wrong. The theater was completely packed with parents and children. 

I must say it wasn't the greatest experience in my life at the movies, and not because of the kids. I like seeing movies with kids because they always exaggerate anything fun happening, especially in a 3D movie. What set me off was the fact that the sound was too low. When a character would yell it was like they weren't even upset. Not the greatest. I think that brought the movie down a notch for me, but it was still something I could live with. NEXT, the lady next to me got a text message on her iPhone, "DOODLE-DINK!!" then she had to reply to it, "CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!!" then she'd get another one.... I had to say to here "excuse me mam, could you please stop with they phone, it's kinda bright." At least that shut her up. Now back to the movie. 

Overall it wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Plenty of well known actors lending their voice talents to this one and it still was so-so. Just about everything funny was put into the preview so you'd seen it all before. And I didn't like the fact that it was all based around the giant lady. I would have liked to have heard more about the other characters. But the kicker was that EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING in the movie was predictable. I don't know, I guess it just must have been geared more towards little little kids than the general kid public that most 3D movies are geared towards. But maybe I'm just mad that I had to struggle to hear the entire time... probably should have said something to the manager and gotten a free ticket out of the deal...

If you have a small child that you think would like it based on the previews, they probably will... YOU, on the other hand, will just about fall asleep during a few parts. It didn't hold a candle to Kung Fu Panda and made me want to see Pixar's newest film "UP" even more... especially since it's in 3D as well. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The job hunt continues

Started searching for jobs a while back, and I'm happy to say I FINALLY applied for one. I'll keep the blog updated with any and all news. 

I also began reading "The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation" and I must say I wish I would have read this stuff a long while ago. I'm learning quite a bit and you can expect to see some animations coming out of me SOON. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

i loved it man

Saw "I Love You Man" last friday with the Gretch-monster. Really liked it. But I'm a huge fan of Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. If you liked any of the other movies that these two have been in, such as "40 year old virgin", "knocked up", "forgetting sarah marshal", and "role models", then you'll like this as well. Usually trailers do a good job of showing all the funny parts before the movie even comes out, but I was surprised how much more there was in the movie than in the trailers. 

Good stuff. 

KNOWING to wait till DVD

Saw "Knowing" with my cousin Jessica this weekend. Movie was OKAY overall but *spoiler* the ending sucked...

kind of reminded me of M. Night Shyamalan meets Mel Gibson...
wait for DVD...

I saw Twilight... I know, I know.... but it wasn't bad... kinda goth and emo and underworldy... but pretty decent flick... and pretty much a chick movie. But interesting. 

check it out, especially since it's on DVD now. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

time for BRAAAINS!

About a week or so ago I picked up an xbox 360 game called "Left 4 Dead". This game is about a team of 4 survivors who have to make their way through different areas while staying alive. It's a first person shoot and is very fun, especially on line with more player. 

I JUST picked up "Resident Evil 5" tonight... well, LAST night at midnight. This is another game based on a zombie uprising. This one is more purpose based in the sense that you have a plot... sort of. I can't give this one a very good review yet because I've only played a couple hours of it. Still good so far. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

I watches the Watchmen

Just got back from the midnight release showing of "The Watchmen" with Dan Peso. We both agreed that the movie was very good. I made a comment of the movie being similar to "retired batman meets soft porn". There were a few parts that were pretty soft porn-e. But very well made movie. I'll definitely have to go pick up the graphic novel now. I've been hesitating it for a while but after watching that, I might as well go out and buy the book.

The Watchmen was pretty awesome. There were a few things that slipped by me but nothing major. I came out of it happy that I spent 3 hours in the movie. Started off a little slow but when it picked up, it picked UP. Ended up being a bit darker overall than I had expected. Definitely a must see if you were drawn to it in any way, shape or form from the trailers.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pencil Munny

been working on this Munny little by little for the past few days.

done completely in pencil. Still planning on putting a layer of matt clear coat over the top. I just wanted to take some pics just in case the top coat takes away from the design.

Monday, March 2, 2009

so what's new with me...

There's been a WHOLE bunch of birthdays and weddings in the last month... February that is.
Here's what my schedule looked like:

Feb. 6 - Fanboys (movie) came out in many cities, just none near me.
Feb. 7 - Cousin Janaya's Wedding
Feb. 7 - Uncle Tom's Birthday.
Feb. 11 - Cousin Jessica's Birthday
Feb. 12 - Brandon's Birthday (Janaya's Husband)
Feb. 17 - Michael's son Jayden was born (counts as a birthday)
Feb. 19 - Grandma Connie's Birthday
Feb. 22 - Michael's Girlfriend Lauren's Birthday
Feb. 26 - Cousin Chevis' Birthday
Feb. 28 - Gretchen's Cousin Mel's Wedding

I was busy.

In other news. I finally got around to getting a new lens for my camera.
Pretty nice Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5... I love it.

Also finally got the 9" Hazel in the mail not too long ago, as far as my toy collection goes.

Today I just got back from the water park with Gretchen, her nephews Torry and Chase, and my cousin Chevis and her son Daniel. Had a blast. Kids love the water.

Been getting plenty of movies from Netfilx, sorry I haven't been reviewing them on here, like I said, I've been buys. Here's some of the most recent ones of received...

Pride and Glory - Good
In Bruges - GREAT
the wicker man - haven't watched it yet...
American Gangster - GREAT
Deja Vu - great
Rushmore - very good
Strange Wilderness - great... stupid humor
The Spiderwick Chronicles - very good
Zodiac - Great
Definitely, Maybe - chick flick
Shooter - very cool, good
The Bourne Ultimatum - good, but they're all the same to me
Jaws 2 - not as good as the first
Stardust - GREAT

I'll keep you posted on anything new that happens to happen soon.
till then...