Sunday, October 31, 2010


The night before Halloween we went to Matt and Laura's house for their Halloween party. Played a little beer pong and some Rock Band. Good stuff. I am a bit out of practice for Rock Band but my beer pong skills were up there.

I ended up talking gretchen into being Princess Bubblegum from Adventure time, to match my Finn costume.

Kari and Zach were the Green Monkeys from an old game show called "Legend of the Hidden Temple" from Nickelodeon. Good stuff. We all made our costumes ourselves.

This is what we were shooting for.
Finn the Human and Jake the Dog up front. Princess Bubblegum in the back left with Lady Rainicorn. And the Ice King in the back right, He's what I based one of my pumpkins on this year.

And that ends the group shots, we only took one.
Here's more of my costume, I wanted to take a bunch, just in case.

It was AMAZING! My grandma helped me make it. She did a lot of the harder sewing parts.

I actually did the majority of the backpack. Pretty much a circle pillow with handles.

I got my shirt from the ghetto store near my house, 7 Mile, and I got my shorts from Fleet Farm. Michael was giving me hell about the shorts, saying that they were the kind that his grandpa wears.

I made a little "Jake the Dog" out of clay.

Sup Jake?


And here's my compilation shot that I sent to their website.

Tonight we got around 30 trick or treaters. About average. I ran up to Robot Love tonight for the Halloween party. Checked out the awesome prints and a really cool animation flash thing they had projected on the wall. Fun stuff.

ALSO today I went on a COLD ASS ride with Tom. 48.67 miles. We stopped at the breadsmith for a snack... SO GOOD.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins with the Pesos

Today I went over to Chevis' house to carve pumpkins with her and the kids. Had a blast. We played hide and seek. We played Mario. We ate cinnamon muffins and... oh yeah... we carved pumpkins.

Mario pumpkin

Luigi pumpkin

Smily nose pumpkin

Scary face pumpkin

All the pumpkins and the kids.

I'm sure Chevis will have much better pictures on her blog. The link is over on the side bar. --->

We had a blast. Will have to hang out again soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 Pumpkin Carving

This morning we went to breakfast at Key's with Tammy and Dean. By "we" I mean my dad and I. Tammy brought about six dozen chocolate chip cookies and an awesome pecan pie for my dad for his birthday last week.

Pretty sweet.

After that, I picked up Gretchen and we headed to my Grandpa and Grandma Reins' house for pumpkin carving.

This is my first pumpkin. A fat yeti. I carved it into the biggest pumpkin this year. I believe it was around 70 lbs.

My second was of the ice king, from Adventure Time.

It worked out pretty good i think.

Here's Gretchen's Haunted House Pumpkin.

Lori's Pumpkin she carved for Haley.

Kyle's iH pumpkin... something to do with a new tractor he got...

kate's Frankenstein's Monster pumpkin.

Kerri and Braxton's Viking pumpkin.

Kerri's Pumpkin eating another pumpkin.

Here's all of them together.

Braxton with all of the pumpkins.

We all had a great time. I can't wait till next year.

Waterpark and Poker

On Friday I went to the Water Park of America with Chevis, Dan, Daniel and Cedra. We had a blast. Went down the BIG slide with Daniel and Dan. After the first turn, Daniel asked if it was over yet and he didn't like it, but once it was over, he wanted to go again. It was awesome.

After the water park we went to Davanni's where I had some of the best deep dish pizza I've ever had... Chicago Style. But before we even got there, the kids where KNOCKED OUT.

On Saturday night I went to Chevis and Dan's again for a poker night with Dan and some of his work buddies. We played two games, $5 buy ins. I didn't win the first, but I won the second.

It was awesome.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Comics, Paintball and Beer Pong

Today was the MCBA FallCon. I joined my friend Justin there for a day of super heroes and comic delights. There actually wan't TOO much that I jus HAD TO HAVE this time around. I think I set a record of how little I spent on anything.

I wasn't really looking for comics but I did find a book called Sasquatch. It's composed of mini stories and comics all based around sasquatch. Each comic is by a current comic book or web comic artists and is basically their take on the legendary Sasquatch, or bigfoot, or yeti. Pretty awesome.

Other than that I won a copy of the ElephantMen Vol. 1. It's a Trade Paperback of the first 7 issues of ElephantMen. Pretty cool. I would have chosen the "Batman: Under the Red Hood" or "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" but those DVD's were already taken by the time we were going to leave and my number got picked. Every year they do a drawing, you fill in your info on this little sheet and then they draw 20 numbers every half hour. Right as we were leaving I saw the lady at the desk that is there every year so I went to say hi. She asked if I won yet, because I usually win at least once every year. I told her that I hadn't and that we were leaving but she said they were going to draw in another 5 minutes so we decided to stick around.

So I sit and B.S. with here for a little bit until she's getting read to draw. I told her that my number is 503 so she should pull that. She said she can't cheat, laughingly. But once she she pulled the first number, instead of writing it on the board she let out a big groan then turned around and held it in my face... lucky 503. So I snagged the only thing I could find on the table that I had any remote interest in and We took off.

Pretty awesome book. I'll have to read it soon.

Now lets hop into the time machine and go back a week, to the day after I went on my hundred mile ride with Tom.

I went and played paintball for the first time. VERY FUN... and painful, but worth it. I was on the team that lost most of the time but I'm going to have to do that again. And next time I'll get my own gun since theirs don't shoot very straight.

I went and bought some old army surplus clothes too. worked out well, but it was WAY TOO HOT that day.

Later that night we had the Big Arn's Annual Beer Pong Tournament. My partner Zach and I didn't win :( We actually didn't even place. Last year we got 3rd place. This year it was 5th. But we had to play the team that wins or places second every year, two times before we started getting in our groove. So we had an excuse.

Better luck next year.


Saw RED at midnight on Thursday.

Was pretty good. But then again it's hard for me to find a Bruce Willis movie I don't like. Worth every penny. Go see it. 5/5. Awesome stuff.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Week's of Rides

Last Week's Ride:

A week ago Tom took me out for THE RIDE.... We it the BIG 100. It was awesome but WOW was I tired at the end. We started with a swing by the Coon Rapids Dam after passing Tammy and Deans. Saw a salamander and a snake on the trail.


The Colors were AMAZING!


We then took the longest way possible to Chevis and Dan's house where we stopped for a Super Hero popsicle with Daniel, I had spiderman, Tom had the Hulk and Daniel had Iron Man... So good. Then we had to hit Minneapolis and do a lap around Lake Calhoun before my computer would read 100 when I got home. It actually read 100.1.

The Final Count.

Today's Ride:

Today Tom and I rode out to Karen's house and had her join in the fun. After we picked her up, we went through Minneapolis to St. Paul. From there we took a few different trails before heading back on the Grand Round trail. After we dropped her back off we headed home... saw 3 Bald Eagles today. One was young w/o the white head, the other two were in the same tree on the lake.

We also stopped by the little gnome home on Lake Calhoun. Pretty cool...

Saw a squirrel get hit by a car... idk why they go across and then decide to cut back while they're underneath the car... He got hit and struggled, back legs kicking furiously, pushing his head across the pavement, while the front two were rendered useless. We stopped so Tom could end it's pain, but as soon as we got off our bikes, it had stopped kicking.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catchup Movies

Over the last couple weeks I saw Two movies worth mentioning, "The Social Network" and "It's Kind of a Funny Story."

"The Social Network" was actually a really good movie. I guess it's somewhat inaccurate but when was the last time a COMPLETELY TRUE STORY made a good movie?... never. I thought it was kind of cool seeing how this crazy site came together and where it started... but still, it was a movie about legal battles and facebook... as far as content goes, it was meh, but overall i'd say it was good.

"It's Kind of a Funny Story" wasn't quite as funny as I'd hoped for. But what it lacked in "funnies" it made up for in "good". I enjoyed it quite a bit, even though it was about an emo kid who checks himself into a hospital seeking help for thinking about killing himself. The crazy everyday life that takes place between him and his awesome hospital neighbors. The slight love story, molded together with humor and creativity of inner thoughts, makes for a very entertaining movie. And Zach Galifianakis is ALWAYS WIN... so see it... on DVD.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Renaissance Today

This time Gretchen and I went with Kari and Zach. It was good...

Gretchen wanted a Pickle
So I made sure she got one.

We also watched Glass blowing, puke and snot, juggling, knife throwing, sword fighting, jousting, ate bread bowls, drank mead and beer, and a whole bunch more... We even watched a guy make little animals out of glass, and I bought the dragon that we watched him make.

Best $5 purchase ever.

Ren Fest is my favorite.

Videos from the first trip this year.
Gretchen getting Proposed to.

Leave her alone for one minute and she's got guys all over her... Isn't she cute when she's embarrassed?

Saw the insult guy and had to introduce him to Michael...
Sorry for the crappy sound...